07/01/2013 09:02 am ET Updated Oct 03, 2013

Skewer Station: The Dumbest In Grilling Tools


Listen people, if you really want to have a successful grill-out there are only a handful of things you need. For one, you need a grill. It doesn't have to be a new one. It doesn't have to be gas or charcoal. It doesn't even have to look like much of a grill at all. It just has to be able to hold charcoal or work with a propane tank -- and it has to allow you to cook your food over fire.

The next thing you need is food. When it comes to grilling, the most important thing is definitely the food. You want to make sure you have enough of it for everyone. You'll want to stay focused and not burn the food. And you should pay particular attention to getting the best flavor.

If you have food and a working grill, you don't need much else. Barbecue tongs or a fork are nice and make handling food easy. It's a good idea to have a clean plate or platter handy to put the cooked food on. But that's it. You don't need a fish basket. You don't need grill clamps. And you absolutely do not need a skewer station.

Unless you're hoping to sell a skewer or two, there is no reason to display your food in this way. Not only is it cooling down your grilled food faster, but it looks incredibly dumb. Just use a plate guys. It doesn't take up unnecessary room in your kitchen; it doesn't cost extra; and it just works better overall. Let's put an end to stupid grilling tools once and for all. Please.

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