07/01/2013 11:21 am ET

Firefighters Rescue Baby Fox From Narrow Pipe In Most Incredible Way Possible (VIDEO)

Swedish firefighters pulled off an incredible feat recently when they hoisted a stranded fox out of a narrow pipe.

In a video of the undertaking, firefighters rescue the baby fox from the plastic pipe by lowering one of their team members down the duct head first. The petite rescuer -- wearing a harness -- is then hauled back up the channel with the pup wrapped in a blanket in her arms.

Local reports identified the brave firefighter who squeezed into the space as Therese Jonasson. After the baby fox was rescued from the bottom of the tube near a construction site in Karlstad Wednesday, the pup was reportedly released into a nearby forest.

While firefighters have been known to save stranded animals, few cases call for a rescuer to be thrust into such a tight enclosure.

Earlier this year in Indiana, firefighters were called to an intersection to retrieve ducklings from a storm drain. However, the tiny enclosure called for the team to think creatively and spray a fire extinguisher into a nearby grate to keep the baby ducks from moving any farther so they could then scoop them out with a net.

Watch the Swedish firefighters' astonishing rescue in the video above.



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