07/01/2013 03:23 pm ET Updated Jul 01, 2013

'New York City Wall Art' By Leland Bobbé (PHOTOS)

Leland Bobbé

New York City photographer Leland Bobbé-- whose work has been shared previously on HuffPost here, here, and here-- noticed something mesmerizing in all those tattered posters taped to so many of the city's facades. Neglected, torn apart, juxtaposed with other advertisements or art pieces, the writing and images begin to take on a new life.

Naturally, Bobbé began to photograph them. As he explains:

This is a new and ongoing project for me. I am photographing sections of ripped and tattered posters that I find on the buildings and walls in New York City. I find that the random rips and tears on posters on top of other posters and walls gives a very interesting patina like effect that yields an abstract expression based on gritty realism. Although people may take this in subliminally in passing, few if any stop to take it in cognitively. These images force the viewer to deal with disparate elements that aren't normally viewed together but do exist in reality.

Check out some of Bobbé's photos below.



'New York City Wall Art' By Leland Bobbé