07/01/2013 06:33 am ET Updated Jul 01, 2013

'Princesses: Long Island': Chanel Invites Erica's High School Nemesis To Her Intervention (VIDEO)

The girls were worried about Erica's excessive partying and binge drinking on "Princesses: Long Island." It seemed that she was partying even harder at 29 than she did back in high school. So Chanel decided to stage an intervention.

Usually at an intervention, you surround the person with people who care about them. Chanel, instead, decided to invite Erica's high school nemesis, Casey. And remember that these girls aren't over any of the high school drama they experienced.

Nevertheless, Casey did stay on topic with the intervention. "Like, stars die in bathtubs," she told Erica. "Things happen. You can kill yourself that way.”

But then, she had to add, "“I’m embarrassed for you.” In a confessional, Erica said that she felt like she'd been "shot in the face."

The Jewish Journal called the intervention "painful," adding that these girls "suck at keeping it real."

In her blog for, though, Erica said she appreciated what the girls did. “I appreciate anyone who has concern for me and is looking out for me, but there is a time and a place," she wrote. "Also, Casey and I not being friends made it feel very uncomfortable to me ... But I did hear what they said regardless of how they went about it and do believe that it came from a good place.”

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