07/01/2013 04:27 pm ET

Toddlers Perform 'Ka Mate' Haka At New Zealand Daycare (VIDEO)

Haka performance as a rugby ritual dates back to 1888, according to New Zealand team the All Blacks' website -- and a type of haka called "Ka Mate" is particularly famous. "More than any aspect of Maori culture, this complex dance is an expression of the passion, vigour and identity of the race," the All Blacks' site says.

So that's perfect fare for toddler playtime, right? In the clip above, children from Bronwyn's Place, a daycare in Porirua, New Zealand, perform the chant, and it is downright wonderful.

A year after the video was filmed, the kids are now "famous" in their community. One of the little stars, Raiatea Reweti, and his parents were interviewed for a report on News 3 in which Dad proudly describes how his son -- who was 3 when his performance was captured -- "explodes into this monster of energy" when he hits his stride.

The 3 News report also reveals that the Rewetis are descendants of Ngati Toa leader Te Rauparaha, who wrote "Ka Mate" -- so perhaps Raiatea's talent really does run in the family.

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