07/01/2013 01:22 pm ET

UCF Students Protest Westboro Baptist Church's Upcoming Visit: 'Leave Us The Hell Alone'


University of Central Florida students plan to protest the Westboro Baptist Church's upcoming visit to the college later this month, according to KnightNews.com.

The controversial religious group plans to visit UCF on July 15 to, it says, “remind this generation that they have so enraged the Lord their God that their destruction is imminent!"

Students have created a Facebook event titled, "Protest the Westboro Baptist Church invading UCF" and approximately 300 people have said they are attending.

The event page description reads:

The Westboro Baptist Church suddenly feels the need to insult, degrade, and condemn the students of the University of Central Florida: a high caliber, top tier research university dedicated to the pursuit of higher education.

Therefore, we are staging a protest. We are going to tell them to crawl back into their pathetic little holes, and leave us the hell alone. We may be "faggots"/"faggot-lovers" or "going to burn in hell," but I'll be damned if I dare let anyone of those selfish, pompous, overzealous fools insult or degrade any one of my fellow peers at UCF.

Make signs, tell your friends, MAKE THIS VIRAL! But: DO NOT attack them physically in any shape or form. We are smarter, stronger and better. Feel free to yell, scream, make signs, bring a megaphone, I dont care. So long as you don't touch them, let them feel your wrath. Bring as much fury as I have boiling inside of me right this very second as I create this event........

Westboro has faced fierce opposition on college campuses in the past. Vassar College students staged an "anti-protest" earlier this year, pledging to raise $100 for every minute the Church picketed on their campus and Texas A&M students formed a human wall to prevent Westboro members from protesting at an alumnus soldier's funeral last year.



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