07/02/2013 07:50 am ET

Amy Schumer AMA: 6 Things We Learned About The Comedian


Amy Schumer is one funny lady -- but she's also much more than that.

Her Comedy Central show, "Inside Amy Schumer," is both hilarious and biting and has tackled subjects from women's tendency to deflect praise to breast cancer to sexting. And when we were lucky enough to meet the comedian in May, she had some seriously excellent advice for women struggling with their self-esteem.

On July 1 Schumer participated in an AMA ("Ask Me Anything") on Reddit. Here are six things we learned about her:

1. She defied stereotypes in her younger years.
Schumer made it clear that she wasn't in one clique during high school. "I was like every member of 'The Breakfast Club' in one," she wrote. "I identify with nerds, drama geeks, athletes, sluts and prudes. I didn't identify with the kids who had straight As."

2. She knows exactly what she wants on a first date.
One thing we love about Schumer is that she's a no-bullsh*t kind of gal. When Redditor Madden95 asked her for her ideal first date, Schumer responded: "The Brooklyn botanical gardens -- we slow-dance, sipping prosecco under the stars. Just kidding. No date, please just come over! I'm already kind of drunk."

3. She's honest about the challenges of being a woman in comedy.
Redditor manicmo wrote: "I find that it's extra hard being a female comedienne, as I think we are limited in our material because of what we look like, the assumption that women aren't funny, and that people expect a certain type of comedy from us. How do you deal with these situations and other assholes who told you that you aren't funny/should quit/sleeping your way to the top?"

Schumer gave the most honest answer she could and was encouraging without pretending that a gender bias doesn't exist in the comedy world:

You are right about everything you just said. Those stigmas never leave. Unfortunately, a great importance is put on our appearance as women above all, and it's horrible. I do my best to not let it get me down. You do yours. I've only slept with one comedian. And I think it got me to the middle. Just be funny, and work hard, and don't worry about all that bullsh*t.

4. She has eclectic taste in men.
During Glamour's "These Girls" event in May, Schumer performed a monologue in which she said she has "had sex with really great people." We don't doubt that she has her fair share of suitors, but during the AMA she revealed that there are two men in Hollywood in particular that she has a thing for: Christian Bale and Joaquin Phoenix. "I like speech impediments and tiny deformities," she wrote.

5. She understands the importance of laughter in sustaining a friendship.
Tig Notaro, a comedian who works on "Inside Amy Schumer" and frequently appears in the show's sketches, also happens to be one of Schumer's best friends. "She makes me laugh harder than anybody," wrote Schumer. "I'd like to think I make her laugh too." Cue the collective "awwwwww!"

6. She knows the real "secret" to looking hot.
"I eat and drink like a normal person. And I love sex. Oil of Olay, motherf**ker!" Best. Secret. Ever.



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