07/02/2013 07:24 pm ET Updated Jul 02, 2013

Chad Johnson Runs 24 Mph On Treadmill With Incline; Take That, Robert Gill? (VIDEO)

Chad Johnson is going nowhere fast in this video. The 35-year-old former NFL star cranked the treadmill up to 24 mph with a 2.5 percent incline, perhaps in a bid to outdo Cardinals speedster Robert Gill, whose 25-mph sprint went viral last week.

Johnson fares well for a few seconds (and on better quality video than Gill's clip), but his legs don't have the same roadrunner effect as Gill's, in part because Johnson is taller.

A few YouTube commenters took issue with a spotter supporting Johnson as he ran, and some dismissed the stunt as an attempt to grab attention.

At least it's a better kind of attention than Johnson received for slapping his attorney's butt at a probation violation hearing. "My life is in shambles right now," Johnson told the angry judge after the incident.

He still looks to be in pretty good shape, though.

(Hat tip, The Big Lead)