07/02/2013 10:20 am ET Updated 4 days ago

9 Reasons Your Great-Grandpa Was The Original Hipster (PHOTOS)

Flickr: Bike/Camera Guy

Think your dad was the original hipster? Think again. Turns out, pops may have learned a thing or two from his turn-of-the-century relatives.

From trading in PBR for home-brewing kits to visiting the barber for a close shave with a straight razor, modern-day hipsterdom is all about what your great-grandfather was doing more than a hundred years ago. We don't blame you for wanting to be like him; he was a pretty cool guy.

Here are nine reasons he inspires hipsters everywhere:

He wore suspenders. Belts are for bros.

And tweed. Don't even think about leaving home without your houndstooth.

He brewed his own beer. All the cool kids keep hops in the pantry.
brew beer

He curled his mustache. Pro-tip: A glue stick works just as well as wax.
curly mustaches

He rode a fixie. Did you know the fixed-gear bicycle was invented in 1876?

His photos were sepia-toned. And he didn't even need Instagram!
sepia tones

He pickled his own vegetables. In mason jars that he later used to drink his home-brewed beer.

He shaved with a straight razor. Without visiting a trendy salon.
straight razor

He raised his own chickens. No urban farm is complete without them.

What else did your ancestors do for hipster humanity? Be sure to Let us know in the comments.