07/02/2013 02:11 pm ET

One Direction Pick-Up Lines: Jack Harries And Caspar Lee Try Using 1D Lyrics To Get Dates (VIDEO)

It's tough out there when it comes to the world of romance and dating, but YouTube comedians Jack Harries and Caspar Lee may have come up with a solution to their love woes: One Direction lyrics.

"Basically, I know five guys who get a lot of attention from the females and I decided to use their formula," Caspar explained. "Which is to pick up girls using One Direction lyrics."

The two then took to a park and approached random strangers using pick-up lines like, "You're turning heads when you walk in the door" and "I just want to take you anywhere that you like." Watch in the video above.

At one point, Caspar even crashes a row boat into another girl's and says, "Hey, I've tried playing it cool but when I'm looking at you, I can never be brave 'cause you make my heart race."

Her response: "What are you doing?"

After receiving a bunch of rejections (aww), these hilarious teens ended up scoring one phone number by the end of the day. Looks like using 1D lyrics isn't such a bad idea after all.

For more 1D pick-up lines, check out the slideshow below.

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