07/02/2013 12:51 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Philip Johnson's Alice Ball House Is Anything But Second Best To The Glass House (PHOTOS)

Architect Philip Johnson was known for his modern mid-century masterpieces. And though his most famous work (arguably) is the Glass House, a stunning home he built for himself in New Canaan, Connecticut, ASPIRE Metro brings to light the significance of his prequel to this project: the Alice Ball House, also in the same city. And it's clear to see this home is anything but second best.

Named after its former owner, the home was built in 1953 and was designed primarily with stone and glass materials. Its 12-foot ceilings, bluestone floors and floating kitchen give the space a cool, contemporary feeling, even though it was created over 50 years ago. It's outdoor space is also breathtaking as the courtyard is completely walled-in and has a Zen-like feeling -- thanks to the water fountain and endless greenery.

The home has been restored, but according to ASPIRE, it still has original features like the main bath. The house is for sale through Sotheby's for $2,795,000 -- a small price to pay for piece of history.

Scroll through our photos to see this stunning home, and be sure to head over to ASPIRE Metro and Sotheby's for more information.

phillip johnson ball house

phillip johnson ball house

phillip johnson ball house

Credit: Eric Roth/ASPIRE

Phillip Johnson's Ball House

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