07/02/2013 10:42 am ET

Plus-Size Swimwear: 20 Suits That Make A Splash (PHOTOS)

Swimsuit shopping causes anxiety for most women, but when you're looking for sizes that are difficult to find, it adds another layer of stress.

For plus-size shoppers, the selection is very limited, and what's out there isn't all that great. Most suits in larger sizes are ill-fitting and often feature excess material that is wildly unflattering. But thanks to gals like Gabi Fresh, also known as style blogger Gabi Gregg, things are slowly starting to change.

Gabi, a curvy style guru, came to international attention by encouraging plus-size ladies to flaunt their figures in two-piece swimsuits (what she calls "fatkinis"). She later collaborated with a swimwear site to develop fashion-forward suits in larger sizes, which became popular as they filled a major gap in the market.

Thankfully, better options are coming for the plus-size community, but it definitely takes some digging to find a great one. To help you save time, we've rounded up 20 lust-worthy suits that are fit for any fashionista. Happy shopping and swimming!

Best Plus-Size Swimwear

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