07/02/2013 06:27 am ET

'Teen Wolf': Alpha Pack Leader's Brutal Sacrifice To Gain Even More Power (VIDEO)

Deucalion sacrificed one of his own to gain his power on "Teen Wolf," proving that this blind werewolf is easily the most terrifying presence on screen this season. The Alpha, Ennis, had sustained serious injuries and was getting treatment by the friendly veterinarian (who knows way more than he's letting on still) when Deucalion showed up.

“The prognosis?” he asked

“Surprisingly optimistic. He’s gonna make it," the doctor said. But then Deucalion coldly crushed Ennis' face, killing him.

“I think you might’ve overestimated his odds," he said. It was certainly gruesome and a testament to how ruthless Deucalion can be.

The episode was non-linear, jumping around in time with no clear distinctions between the present and past scenes. Buddy TV found it to be a confusing episode, especially in relation to Derek. Scott said that he was dead, but Derek showed up at the end of the episode. But was that moment before or after the big fight scene? Hollywood Life isn't convinced that Derek is dead.

The truth will be revealed in future installments of "Teen Wolf," Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

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