07/02/2013 10:41 am ET

A Trip To The Plus-Size Clothing Store Made Me Love Myself A Little More Plus Does Getting Older Equal More Confidence


After a crying jag at my therapist’s office (began every XOJane article ever -- I KID), I found myself in a popular store in my neighborhood, where I found the best maxi dress in the world. Eyes still red, but feeling better having found something I didn’t think actually existed (a maxi dress in all of my favorite colors, that didn’t need to be hemmed and also made my bod look banging), I made small talk with the brilliant and sweet saleswoman who was ringing me up.

I had walked into the store completely not in the mood to be hit with a hard sell. Frankly, I was feeling raw enough that someone even saying “Can I help you find something today?” might have sent me into a fetal position on the floor.

I knew this place was different than your average boutique. For one, it styled ladies sizes 10 and up, and for two, the owner made a lot of the clothes herself. I only knew any of this because my friend Jane visiting from Texas had a conniption when we walked by the place. She was a fan of a reality TV show dedicated to the business.

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