07/03/2013 02:50 pm ET

Amy Poehler 'Ask Amy': Actress Explains The Importance Of Silence In Latest 'Smart Girls' Video

Whether it's listening to calming music or sweating it out at the gym, everyone has a different way of dealing with their feelings when they're upset -- including finding some peace and quiet.

In her latest "Ask Amy" video for her Smart Girls series, Amy Poehler lent some good advice after a teen wrote to her, explaining that when she's having a bad day at school, she sometimes becomes quiet as a way of coping with her emotions. The problem is that her friends can get frustrated because they don't understand why she needs to do this.

Amy responded by talking about the importance of having those "silent" or "quiet" moments in our lives. "If you need to feel that way or be that way sometimes during the day, that's totally your right and you should be able to do that," said Amy.

Listen to Amy's advice in the video above.

She went on to say how meditation is a great way for re-centering yourself and how taking just 15 seconds to pause during the day can change how you feel.

"We're so bombarded with noise and activity and headphones and gossip and jackhammers... it's hard to get quiet and to quiet our minds," explained Amy. "So you wanting that is totally natural."

Well-said, Amy.

How do you deal with your feelings when you're upset? Have you ever tried meditation? Tell us in the comments below or tweet @HuffPostTeen!



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