07/03/2013 12:56 pm ET

Carla Bruni: 'I Was Naked Everywhere'


Most of us probably don't want the public to see us naked. Unfortunately for Carla Bruni, that's exactly what happened.

The French former first lady modeled for nude portraits back when she was in her twenties (and dating Mick Jagger). Aside from prominent tabloid placement, the photos were used on shopping bags without Carla's permission and put up for auction. Interviewed by Helena Christensen in this month's DuJour, Carla recalls:

HC: Did your outside pursuits affect you during your husband’s administration?

CB: I was all over the British press when I was going there to meet the Queen. I was naked everywhere. I just got to England with my man, and every single paper had me naked on the cover. But at least I was 24, and I had a good body!

Hopefully, the queen doesn't read gossip rags (or if she does, she's used to looking out for one of her own). At least Carla has a sense of humor about how the whole thing went down -- and an appropriate appreciation for her body. How would you feel if your naked photos ended up on every newsstand in town?

Carla looks great in clothes, too:

Carla Bruni's Old Modeling Days

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