07/03/2013 08:18 am ET Updated Jul 03, 2013

Miranda Kerr And Other Celebrities Turned Health Gurus


Recently, Miranda Kerr began a healthy lifestyle video series, The Body Beautiful with Net-A-Porter. In the first episode, the model and actress reveals her favorite morning smoothie, lifting up each of the ingredients -- things like Maca powder, chia seeds and raw cacao powder -- and prattling off nutritional information about each.

It seems that Kerr is entering, as HuffPost Style called it, "the GOOP phase of her career."

But picking up the mantle of health and wellness is nothing new for celebrities. For better or worse, many actors, models and even a director or two, have dedicated themselves to teaching the public about a healthy lifestyle.

Read on for a few Kerr will be joining and tell us in the comments: Is this the wave of the future? How many more celebs do you think will enter the health space?

Celebrities-Turned-Health Gurus