07/03/2013 04:14 pm ET

Egypt Crisis Coverage Dominates News Sites Front Pages (PHOTOS)


News out of Egypt dominated website front pages on Wednesday after the military drove President Mohammed Morsi out of office.

The political crisis in Egypt came to a head when Egyptian military chief Al-Sisi announced the removal of Morsi and temporary suspension of the country's constitution in a televised statement. Celebrations erupted in Cairo as he added that the chief justice of the constitutional court will serve as the country's interim leader.

The coverage of the political crisis in Egypt was scant on cable news networks for most of the week, however viewers could turn to online news outlets. Fox News, MSBNC and CNN switched to the protests in Egypt once Morsi was ousted. NBC News also broke in with a special report anchored by Brian Williams.

Take a look at the way websites covered the breaking news in the slideshow below:

Military Coup In Egypt Breaking Front Pages