07/03/2013 01:06 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Hanksy Is Back With A Hilarious Fourth Of July Message (PHOTOS)

Artist, pun master and pop culture aficionado Hanksy showed his patriotic side in a new series of street art spoofs.

In honor of America's birthday, Hanksy created a series of majestic eagles featuring some of today's most beloved bald pates. "Breaking Bad" actor Walter White, downward spiral Britney Spears, sci-fi icon (and devout Englisman) Patrick Stewart and comedian Larry David make a motley crew of Independence Day icons, don't you think?

The patriotism doesn't stop there. Hanksy is also hosting an Instagram scavenger hunt for those who are celebrating the 4th in the New York City heat. Whomever wins goes home with their very own Larry David bald eagle panel. If you want that L.D. head to Hanksy's Instagram for clues on Thursday.