07/03/2013 10:06 am ET Updated Jun 30, 2014

Tom Cruise's Best Sex Scenes: A Look Back At The Actor's Steamiest On-Camera Lovemaking (NSFW)


Sex with Tom Cruise: Cher likes it. Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes used to like it, and most of America -- or at least Hollywood -- seems to love it, at least according to the frequency with which it happens onscreen. In honor of his 51st birthday, here are Cruise's 10 greatest sex scenes, ranked according to steaminess.

10. "Far and Away" (Nicole Kidman)
Steam factor: 3/10, because it's really more romantic than it is sexual

9. "Vanilla Sky" (Penelope Cruz -- and Cameron Diaz, if you want to get bizarre about it)
Steam factor: 4/10, largely because it's weird and ends in a violent murder

8. "Rock of Ages" (Julianne Hough)
Steam factor: 5/10, because look at all that hot stripper action

7. "Interview with the Vampire" (Brad Pitt)
Steam factor: 5.5/10 (Okay, fine, there's no actual sex scene here, but we know this movie is brimming with homoeroticism. Plus, "Vampire" author Anne Rice has since revealed the two characters are indeed in a relationship.)

Mashup credit: JJstrikesback1 / YouTube

6. "Eyes Wide Shut" (Nicole Kidman)
Steam factor: 6.2/10, because look at how sensually Kidman rips off those glasses

5. "Cocktail" (Elisabeth Shue)
Steam factor: 7/10, because you can never go wrong with sex in front of a beachside fire

4. "Days of Thunder" (Nicole Kidman)
Steam factor: 7.5/10, because Kidman has never been more aggressive

3. "Risky Business" (Rebecca DeMorney)
Steam factor: 8.8/10, because sex in public is obviously the best

2. "Jerry Maguire" (Kelly Preston)
Steam factor: 9.3/10, because nothing else is this graphic or this implausible

1. "Top Gun" (Kelly McGillis)
Steam factor: 10/10, because something about shadowy silhouettes means guaranteed Viagra



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