07/04/2013 04:18 pm ET Updated Jul 04, 2013

Founding Fathers Would Be Disappointed By How U.S. Turned Out, Americans Say: Poll

Thanks for nothing.

According to one poll, that's how Americans see the Founding Fathers' reacting to today's United States. Gallup's Thursday findings show that while most are still proud to call the United States home, there is worry about how the signers of the Declaration of Independence would see things.

When asked if the Founding Fathers would be pleased or disappointed, 71 percent said the latter, marking a 17 percent jump since 2001. The 2013 survey reached out to two random groups of 1,529 and 2,048 people, respectively.

These doubts parallel record-low numbers for Congress. A Gallup poll released in mid-June found confidence in the legislative body was down to 10 percent -- the lowest mark for any institution on record.

Favorability toward both the Republican and Democratic parties has also been resting in negative territory. As of Thursday, HuffPost Pollster's compilation of 25 polls found 40.6 percent of Americans view Democrats in a positive light, while 46.2 percent see them in an unfavorable way. The Republican side was slightly bleaker, with 35.1 percent of folks holding a favorable view and 51.6 percent sticking to their unfavorable feelings.



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