07/04/2013 10:15 am ET

Grilling Steak: Tips On Cooking And Seasoning From BBQ Expert Adam Perry Lang (VIDEO)

It's every grill master's goal: cooking that perfectly juicy steak with a deep, dark crust and flavor surrounding every inch. Serving such a succulent cut of meat may seem like a task only suited to the experts, but Adam Perry Lang, chef and co-owner of Daisy May's BBQ, shows that it's actually simpler to accomplish than you may think.

In the above video, Lang shares his surprisingly simple steak-grilling secrets that can turn even the most novice griller into a barbecue expert.


First, Lang says you must oil the grill to prevent the steak from sticking. He uses a small rolled towel dipped in oil to coat the grates with maximum coverage and minimal effort. Next comes the seasoning. Lang's trick is to season the steak before adding the oil to it. "Otherwise, the seasoning just kind of floats on top," he explains.


After placing the steak on the grill, Lang reveals the secret to achieving a deep, dark color without burning the meat. "I take a stick of butter, like this, and I rub the surface [of the steak]," he demonstrates in the video. "This really doesn't have anything to do with flavor; it really has more to do with color. It's going to give it a nice golden-brown look."

As the steak cooks, Lang shares another grilling secret: Tie fresh herbs to the end of a wooden spoon and hit the steak with the herb-brush while it sits on the grill. He also takes a clove of garlic, rubs it on the bone to bruise the garlic and then rubs it on the steak, infusing the meat with even more flavor. "I call this 'steak aromatherapy,'" Lang says.

A very important step in grilling steak -- one that many people overlook -- is to continue re-seasoning the steak as you go. "These little grill rods pull the seasoning off and people just think, 'Hey, I'm done after one go,'" Lang says. "No. You have to season halfway through."


Just before the steak has finished grilling, Lang does what he calls "dressing the board." He pours olive oil directly on a cutting board, grates a shallot and lemon zest into the oil, and chops fresh herbs into the mix. Then, Lang places the steak directly onto the mixture to rest. When it's time to slice the steak, Lang also rolls it in the mixture as he cuts. Finally, when the steak is cut, he adds a pinch of sea salt to each piece to ensure the inside is as flavorful as the outside crust.

In the video, Lang also explains what to do if your steak begins burning (step away from the water bottle!) and demonstrates each of his grilling techniques. He says, "These little details really make your barbecue or your grilling great."

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