07/05/2013 11:51 am ET Updated Jul 05, 2013

Bed Bath And Beyond Fire Caught On Tape By Customer (VIDEO)

A large fire broke out at a Bed Bath and Beyond in San Diego, Calif., on Tuesday, according to Fox 5 San Diego, and the incident was caught on video by a customer who then uploaded the footage to YouTube.

The fire grew large enough to burn an area of the bedding section that was 20 feet by 20 feet, according to ABC 10 News. NBC San Diego reports the fire created an estimated $27,000 in structural damage.

"It was kinda just running up the wall and the sprinkler couldn't really keep up with it cause it was dense, all the material, it was all bedding material," local Battalion Chief Richard Brocchini told NBC San Diego.

The store’s sprinkler system eventually turned on and put out the fire, but fire and police investigators are looking into any evidence of foul play. The Bed Bath and Beyond will be considered a crime scene for now, ABC 10 News reports.

(Hat tip: The Consumerist)



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