07/05/2013 08:45 am ET Updated Jul 05, 2013

Usher's 4th Of July Fireworks Playlist Draws Ire For Using Too Many Usher Songs


Usher made history on July 4, becoming the first person to ever help curate the music playlist for the Macy's 4th Of July Fireworks celebration over New York's Hudson River.

"Me curating, it's far more than me just showing up and allowing my name to be on a bill. I wanted to represent America. I wanted people to understand something more about me artistically," Usher told The New York Daily News in an interview before the fireworks show. "It's not just me being a dancer on a stage, but being able to recognize other incredible people and what they've done. To highlight incredible things we've overcome as people in America. Making an investment and being able to empathize and understand and give credence to some of the things we’ve had to overcome. And that right there is what I think creates a legendary artist, a legendary person, a legendary show."

Indeed, the show -- which was broadcast by NBC -- was legendary, but perhaps for the wrong reasons. Usher's 4th of July Fireworks playlist included Jimi Hendrix's take on "The Star-Spangled Banner," Kanye West, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, Frank Sinatra, and four songs performed by Usher: "Euphoria," "Yeah!," "OMG" and David Guetta's "Without You" (with vocals by Usher). Usher's focus on his own music didn't go unnoticed by many a Twitter user on Thursday night:

More on Usher's fireworks playlist curation process can be found here.

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