07/06/2013 12:21 pm ET

Bill Dudley, 'Old McDonald,' Is Perhaps McDonald's Oldest Worker At Age 88


His wife calls him "Old McDonald."

At age 88, Bill Dudley of North Wales in the UK is perhaps McDonald's oldest employee in the world -- and he intends to keep it that way. “I’ll carry on until I drop," he told News North Wales.

Dudley, a great grandfather and World War II veteran, doesn't let a pacemaker, angina and replacement knee keep him from greeting customers and wiping tables twice a week for six hours, the Sun reported.

One reason he has kept coming back for the last seven years is the camaraderie with fellow employees, he told News North Wales. "We are like a family and I am like their father," he explained.

In a 2010 profile in the Daily Mail, Dudley said staying at home was boring -- he neither drank nor gardened.

Besides, he said, he enjoyed the work. "I just like the job," he said to the tabloid. "I like talking to people and meeting people."

A McDonald's spokeswoman couldn't confirm whether Dudley was the Golden Arches' most senior worker.

"Our workforce is diverse and comprises full and part time employees, students and seniors, among others," she wrote to The Huffington Post. "We pride ourselves on providing employment opportunities for everyone."

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