07/06/2013 08:44 am ET Updated Jul 06, 2013

Golden Sisters' Search For Antiques Leads Them To Intriguing Find (VIDEO)

The three "Golden Sisters" -- 82-year old Mary and 74-year-old twins Terry and Josie -- are at it again. After the ladies hear that one of Josie's clients from the salon made millions of dollars selling her antiques, they decide that between their collective junk, there has to be at least one piece of hidden treasure that's worth some money.

So, the Golden Sisters head to Terry's house in search of something valuable. That's when Josie discovers what may be an incredible artifact tucked away under Terry's bed.

"What is this thing?" asks Josie, pulling out a plaque holding a giant sword.

"Oh my god! I forgot I had it!" says Terry, before offering an explanation to the camera. "Our dead brother, Angelo, used to ask me to hold on to some 'hot' stuff, and I did it. Now that I said it out loud, it sounds illegal..."

Illegally obtained or not, Terry tells her sisters that Angelo had said the sword once belonged to 19th-century French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. Sure enough, Terry points out that Napoleon's name is engraved on a metal plate affixed to the plaque. "It's right here in black and white: sword de Napoleon," she says.

Eldest sister Mary is impressed... though it appears that her knowledge of history is a little fuzzy. "This sword belonged to Bonaparte-- Napoleon Bonaparte. I mean, he was king of Italy! In the medieval days!" says Mary, incorrect on both counts. "And my brother Angelo stole it. I think he stole it." On that count, Mary might actually be correct.

"If this is Napoleon's, Terry, this could be worth 10 million dollars," says Josie.

The hidden-treasure search continues on tonight's episode of "Golden Sisters," which airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. ET on OWN.

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