07/06/2013 06:31 pm ET Updated Jul 08, 2013

SF Plane Crash: Video Taken From Inside Terminal Of Asiana Airlines Crash (VIDEO)

An unidentified person filmed footage of Asiana Airlines flight 214 as the Boeing 777 sat billowing with smoke on the runway at San Francisco International Airport on Saturday.

The flight, which was landing from Seoul, South Korea, crashed while landing at the airport. Passengers jumped down emergency inflatable slides to safety.

Check out the footage above.

SFO Plane Crash


07/07/2013 6:31 PM EDT

NTSB Tweets Photos

The NTSB has tweeted a series of photos related to the Asiana Flight 214 crash. Their Twitter account can be viewed here.

07/07/2013 5:38 PM EDT

Call To Increase Speed Made 7 Seconds Before Crash

A crew member made a call to increase the plane's speed just seven seconds prior to impact, National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Debra Hersman said during the press conference. Hersman said the plane was flying below target speed before crashing.

-Hunter Stuart, HuffPost

07/07/2013 5:12 PM EDT

More From NTSB Press Conference

07/07/2013 5:05 PM EDT

Pilots Called To Initiate 'Go-Around' 1.5 Seconds Before Impact

07/07/2013 4:57 PM EDT

NTSB Holds Press Conference On Flight 214 Crash

Video of the press conference can be viewed here (via NBC News).

07/07/2013 4:21 PM EDT

New Video Provided By CNN Shows Plane Crash

CNN has obtained video shot by Fred Hayes that shows the crash of Flight 214. Click here to see the footage.

07/07/2013 3:16 PM EDT

Doctor: At least 2 victims paralyzed

07/07/2013 3:15 PM EDT

Who was on the plane?

Chinese media also said that at least 70 students and teachers were on the plane.

The two teenagers killed in the horrific crash were 16-year-old students from China.

07/07/2013 3:13 PM EDT

Report: Pilots had considerable experience

07/07/2013 3:07 PM EDT

Doctors release info about injured crash victims

CNN has some information on the state of patients injured in the SFO crash:

Many of the injured said they were sitting toward the rear of the aircraft, said Dr. Margaret Knudson, the hospital's chief of surgery. Several suffered abdominal injuries and spine fractures, some of which include paralysis and head trauma, Knudson said. Many patients also were treated for "severe road rash," she said, which suggests "that they were dragged."

For more details, head over to CNN.