07/06/2013 07:25 am ET

#RAPREADY2WEAR Is The Best Hashtag and More Tweets Of The Week (PHOTOS)

A beautiful hashtag was born this week (perhaps due to the overabundance of Paris Couture Week tweets going around). It's called #rapready2wear and it is glorious. People merge rap and hip-hop stars names with designer names to create the most hilarious combinations ever. Monikers like "Marky Mark Jacobs" and "Rag & Bonethugs" have been spawned. We picked two of our other favorites in the roundup.

We also discovered that over in England, the paparazzi are already camping out in front of the hospital anticipating the birth of the royal baby, and Cathy Horyn showed us some crazy couture from Paris. Also, Mindy Kaling is having some serious issues deciding what to wear to a Beyoncé concert. Our vote is a "freakum dress."

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Tweets Of The Week

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