07/07/2013 12:35 pm ET Updated Jul 07, 2013

'Brian's Big Bang': 320,000 Firecrackers At Once Will Make You Cry (VIDEO)

When searching for fun post-Fourth of July videos, we came across this clip of 128,000 firecrackers exploding at once on Pleated Jeans. Turns out, aside from just being a ridiculously fun video, there was a story behind it.

Here's the description from TheBoneyKing78's original clip of the 128,000 explosion:

I uploaded this in July of 2011. My brothers and I were in Evanston, and my younger brother Brian dropped about 750 bucks to give us this show. Ever the go big or go home kid that he was, he loved to make an entrance. My brother Brian passed away at 32 years old yesterday from a motorcycle accident. Up until yesterday I had a total of 130 hits on this video and its way too much of a coincidence that it went viral the day that he passed. We always talked about throwing videos up on YouTube to try and fund our exploits and I am certain that he is telling me that everything is ok. As stupid as it may sound, you watching and sharing this dumb little video has given me hope in one of the darkest times of my life. Thank you!

Sure, we can be cynical and snarky here, and we love posting goofy things to make you laugh, but that message brought real tears to our eyes. However, it was nothing compared to the reaction we had when we saw the video above... the 2013 tribute of 320,000 firecrackers called "Brian's Big Bang."

There are a lot of ways to remember someone after they're gone: this is one of the sweetest. Good on you, folks... may your annual tributes grow ever larger... and louder.

(P.S. According to the YouTube description, the voice laughing at the end of the video is Brian's.)



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