07/07/2013 12:48 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

John Namey, Pennsylvania Father, Believes Lawn Was Vandalized With Swastika Because Daughter Is Gay

A Pennsylvania man says he believes his home is being targeted by vandals because his daughter is openly gay.

As WPXI Channel 11 reports, John Namey woke up on the morning of July 5 to find a large swastika burned onto the front lawn of his Sarver, Penn. home

"It's a hateful thing," Namey, who isn't Jewish, told the news channel. Though he said he was not entirely sue why his family was targeted, Namey said that his 16-year-old lesbian daughter had been previously threatened with violence.

"She's a little more open with her sexuality -- of course that sheds a spotlight on her," Namey told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. In regard to the swastika incident, he added, "She's not going to let that change who she is."

Unfortunately, it wasn't the first time the Namey family has been subject to vandalism in recent days. Earlier last week, his stepson’s pickup truck was also reportedly vandalized and covered in pink paint.

The Associated Press reports that local police and the FBI are currently investigating the case. “Anytime anybody ever says ‘hate crime,' we assess the situation because we take it very seriously," FBI spokeswoman Kelly Kochamba is quoted by the Tribune-Review as saying.



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