07/08/2013 03:41 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

9 Things We're Not Looking Forward To This Week (PHOTOS)

If you're lucky, July brings more vacation days, BBQ parties and weddings with open bars. But that doesn't mean we don't have anything to complain about. Here's what we're not looking forward to this week at work, in the news and in general. Scroll down and tell us what you're dreading in the comments.

Continuing to nurse our post-Fourth of July hangover/sunburn combo.
hangover sunburn

Dealing with the mind-blowing news that reality TV stars aren't the best people in the world.
big brother racism 130707

Trying to come up with even better Eliot Spitzer puns than we did in 2008.
spitzer post

Not knowing to do with all the Fourth of July-themed clothing we bought.
american flag clothes

Rick Perry talking.
rick perry eating

People rolling their eyes when we blame our mistakes on Mercury still being in retrograde.
mercury retrodgrade

Hearing coworkers brag about taking a break from social media for an ENTIRE weekend.
texting obsessed

Finding out that Bolivia already has plans to turn its US Embassy into a discoteque.
american flag disco

All the wrong people celebrating National Nude Day, which is July 14.



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