07/08/2013 03:26 pm ET

Adam Kokesh Draws Police Scrutiny With Video Showing Him Loading Shotgun In D.C.

Adam Kokesh, a libertarian conspiracy theorist who earlier this year nixed plans to hold an armed rally in Washington, D.C. that would have violated city law, decided to create a little controversy in the nation's capitol by himself last week.

In a YouTube video posted on the 4th of July, Kokesh delivers a dramatic monologue while appearing to load red shells into a shotgun.

"We will not be silent, we will not obey ... we will not allow our government to destroy our humanity," Kokesh says, in front of a backdrop that includes the U.S. Capitol building. The video claims to have been shot at Washington's Freedom Plaza.

It is illegal to openly carry firearms in Washington, and authorities responded to the video by claiming they were following up to determine if it was real.

The city decided not to charge NBC host David Gregory, who displayed a high-capacity clip during a gun control debate on his D.C.-based show "Meet The Press."

As of Monday, Kokesh had not yet been contacted by law enforcement, he told Politico. He also said he was aware that his actions were in violation of city law, calling them his "little act of civil disobedience."

The Washington Times reports that Kokesh's display could carry up to three felony charges, if authorities decide the video is authentic and worthy of prosecution.

Kokesh is meanwhile touting what he's calling a successful protest on July 4. In a statement about his anti-government movement, "The Final American Revolution," he told The Huffington Post that supporters are demonstrating that "our current form of government is unsustainable" and are calling for its "orderly dissolution." He also teased another controversial rally that he says will take place next year.

"I'm very pleased with the response to the video and the 50 events that happened at state capitols on Independence Day so far because we have succeeded in fundamentally changing the conversation around people's relationship to government," Kokesh said. "We plan to continue by marching on DC next Independence Day."



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