07/08/2013 09:37 am ET

Most Americans Get News From TV: Gallup

According to new poll out from Gallup, most Americans consider television their main source of news.

Gallup surveyed 2,048 national adults from June 20-24. A whopping 55 percent of respondents polled said they turned to television as their primary source of news, followed by 21 percent who used the Internet. Only nine percent of respondents said they received their news primarily from newspapers.

When those who said they first turned to television identified specific news outlets, 8 percent said the turned to Fox News while 7 percent said they turned to CNN. Four percent said they looked to their local news and one percent said they turned to MSNBC.

The low percentage of respondents who said they turned to newspapers seemed consistent with the issues plaguing the print industry as it faces increasing digital pressures. Television polled well across all adult age groups. According to Gallup, "...heavy reliance on print is exclusive to seniors, among whom 18% cite newspapers or other print publications as their main source of news. By contrast, 6% to 8% of younger age groups rely on print." Even fewer adults turn to radio.



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