07/08/2013 03:21 pm ET Updated Jul 08, 2013

Divorce Stories: Scorned Turkish Wife Reportedly Destroys Marital Home (VIDEO)

One scorned wife in Turkey cleaned house (and then some) after leaving her husband.

According to the Daily Mail, Fatma Idem waited until her husband, Sahin, was away at work before tearing down their marital home with the help of her brothers. When Sahin returned from work, he found that Fatma and her brothers had taken the couple's kitchenware, carpets and curtains before removing the roof and windows of the home. (Watch the video above to see Sahin tour what's left of his home.)

This isn't the first time a house has suffered the consequences of a split. In 2007, a New York couple agreed to divorce, but both husband and wife refused to move out of their marital home. The judge's solution? He ordered the couple to split the house in half, literally, by building a wall through it.

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