07/08/2013 08:41 am ET

Metta World Peace: Dwight Howard Is 'New Guy,' Lakers, Rockets To Meet In Conference Finals


By Brian Josephs, Complex Sports

Some of the casualties of Dwight Howard's move to Houston include: a few burnt Lakers jerseys, a Shaquille O'Neal diss, and a Twitter unfollow from Kobe Bryant. It's madness, and situations like these call for a voice of reason. A voice like Metta World Peace, who took to Twitter make some predictions.

Yep. Howard is simply "the new guy" because Omer Asik is going to be that big of a deal. It should be noted that Asik isn't willing to play with Howard.

The Rockets to the conference finals? That's not too farfetched of a prediction, but James Harden as next year's MVP? That's hard to believe. What if the stars align and Linsanity starts to spark for the whole season? What if Brandon Knight goes on an insane revenge trip on all who wronged him? That LeBron James dude is pretty good too.

Some Lakers fans are so salty about Howard that you'd think otherwise.

For Howard's sake, let's hope not.

It's also worth noting that World Peace said Howard was staying in LA because he had his balls. He clearly was a bit off with that prediction.

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