07/08/2013 01:11 pm ET Updated Jul 08, 2013

Michael Cegers, Jessica Hurley Smith Arrested: Cops Say Couple Left Baby In Car To Hit Sex Shop

Police say a Wisconsin couple left their 9-month-old baby in a hot car outside a suburban Chicago sex toy store while they shopped inside.

Libertyville police reported Monday that Michael Cegers, 18, and Jessica Hurley Smith, 20, were arrested following the June 22 incident after someone called police to report of an infant crying and "sweating profusely" in the car.

After the 3:40 p.m. call, police responded to the parking lot of the Lover’s Lane store at 1015 N. Milwaukee Ave.

The couple had allegedly left the windows cracked about an inch, but did not leave the car idling to run the air conditioning. A Lover's Lane employee told an NBC affiliate station, "They were just kind of walking around, looking at everything. What's also alarming about that is they weren't in any hurry to go back out to their car."

According to WGN, the couple said they left the baby in the car because signs indicated no one under 18 was allowed inside.

The couple was charged with child endangerment and are due in court August 2.



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