07/08/2013 07:15 am ET Updated Jul 08, 2013

'Naked & Afraid': Day One Features One Mile Swim With Sharks (VIDEO)

There were brutal tropical island conditions this week on "Naked & Afraid." Former Marine Jonathan paired up with adventure model Allison in a beautiful, but completely inhospitable, island for a 21-day test of their survival skills. Of the pairs featured on the show so far, these two seemed to get along the best, despite some problems along the way.

The first thing they had to do was swim approximately one mile through shark infested waters to a larger island that offered more amenities -- like coconuts and shade. But it proved little challenge for either of them. The challenges would come mostly from the weather.

From the beginning, the fair-skinned Johnathan was brutalized by record-setting temperatures that gave him severe sunburns. A Hawaiian native, Allison fared better in that regard, but was later struck down with severe menstrual cramps. The two managed to support one another through their physical adversities, and proved willing to work long and hard for the simplest of things, like capturing and killing an eel or digging deep into the ground for fresh water.

In the end, they survived a three-day storm of epic proportions before the clouds lifted just in time for them to swim to their extraction point and call it a successful adventure.

“Twenty-one days doesn't seem like much -- until we are reminded that after three days without water and a few weeks without food, people tend to die," wrote HitFix of the dramatic new reality series. "After watching ‘Naked & Afraid,’ it might be impossible to watch something like ‘Survivor’ with its backstabbing, reward challenges, and non-stop whining.”

The Daily Beast agreed, saying it was the craziest show on television. "It makes for a viewing experience like no other," they wrote. "Your heart is racing as the two survivalists attempt to save their fire from the rain so that, you know, they don’t freeze to death, but then … a butt! ... and you kind of giggle even as your pulse quickens in fright for these poor contestants. It’s a curious emotional experience, to say the least.”

See more survivalists trying to prove they can make it while "Naked & Afraid" every Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on Discovery.

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