07/08/2013 06:39 pm ET

Tony Thompson Post-Fight Interview Turns To Rough Sex With Wife (VIDEO)

There was so much boxer Tony Thompson could have said when asked how he would spend his Saturday night after his fifth-round knockout of David Price in Liverpool: Have a steak and a martini; soak in a hot tub; attend church, maybe. But no.

In a post-fight interview Thompson boasted about the sex he was going to have with his wife. The really, really rough kind of sex.

"She might be crippled in the morning," he said of his plans for the evening in this bizarre clip.

The heavyweight also said he and his wife hadn't been intimate in a while. Indeed, conventional wisdom persists that fighters abstain before a bout to maintain aggression.

But did we really need to hear about after?

(Hat tip, Deadspin)