07/09/2013 08:20 am ET Updated Sep 08, 2013

Eliot Spitzer The Latest To Pass Through The Revolving Door Of Media And Politics


Eliot Spitzer is just the latest politician to make the well-worn course from public office to the media and back again.

Spitzer, who is running for comptroller in New York City, is, in one sense, reintroducing himself to his potential constituents. But even though he's been out of office for over five years, he's never really left the stage, having already hosted two cable news shows on two different networks and maintaining a regular presence on the pundit circuit. Spitzer was able to use the time to keep himself--and his political opinions--somewhat in the public eye. He also made it possible to remain a fixture in the media and political social circuit, giving him crucial national attention when he decided to return to politics. Monday and Tuesday saw Spitzer talking on many of the same shows he'd previously appeared on as a pundit:

Spitzer's tale is far from unique. Cable news is littered with former politicians, many of whom cycle back and forth between the two fields. Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum famously landed at Fox News after their political careers nosedived; the network severed ties with them when they both decided to run for president in 2012. After his unsuccessful run, Gingrich picked himself up by moving to CNN, where he will now become a co-host of the revived version of "Crossfire."

Fox News also played home to former South Carolina governor Mark Sanford, who was a contributor there before winning a seat in the House of Representatives. (He made $130,000 for his work there.) At the moment, former Democratic politicians Evan Bayh and Dennis Kucinich are also contributors at Fox News. And, of course, it has Sarah Palin on its roster.



Eliot Spitzer Announces Run For NYC Comptroller