07/09/2013 02:39 pm ET Updated Jul 10, 2013

Gaby Hoffmann Has $4,000 In Her Bank Account

Gaby Hoffmann starred in some of the most memorable '90s movies: "Sleepless in Seattle," "Field of Dreams" and "Now and Then." But even with these huge titles, Hoffmann revealed in a recent New York Times Magazine profile that she has $4,000 in her bank account, "which is a lot," she said.

In the former child star's new film, "Crystal Fairy," she plays a wandering hippie in search of psychedelic drugs in South America. But at the time of publication, she was working on a web series that reportedly paid her between $25 and $100 a day. "Who knows if I'm going to have any Social Security or health insurance? I should just take whatever money I can get whenever I can get it. Let’s not be stupid, right?” Hoffmann told the Times.

She recently moved to Brooklyn's Fort Greene neighborhood but spent the first few years of her life at the infamous Chelsea Hotel, where her mother wrote a book likening her to "Eloise" at the Plaza. "We were on and off welfare," Hoffmann said of the time before she began acting.

Oh, and she loves Beyonce.



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