07/09/2013 09:52 am ET

How Saying 'Hmmm' Instead Of 'Ok' Can Make You Thousands More Each Year -- Plus 10 Other Great Salary Secrets


When I first graduated college, I had a paid internship at the Washington Post. The salary was set because it was part of their internship program. It was a good salary. I was psyched. I also -- very stupidly -- thought all future salaries were just assigned to you. You know, like seats at a wedding reception.

So when I was rooting around for permanent employment after my four months in D.C., I was coming to the game not just lacking skills, but with an ignorance that eventually cost me thousands of dollars.

Because up until this point in my life, I honestly do not remember a single person ever telling me about the art of negotiating salary.

I did not know this was a "thing."

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