07/09/2013 12:17 pm ET Updated Jul 09, 2013

Little Caesars' Explosive 4th Of July Fireworks Campaign On Twitter Isn't What You'd Expect (VIDEO)

Last week was full of festivities and fireworks, all in honor of the Fourth of July. Wait, scratch that -- celebrating Little Caesars DEEP!DEEP! dish pizza?

When you plan a social media campaign around a major American holiday, you're bound to get an explosive response. That's what these pizza pushers would have you believe, anyhow, and they have some bang-up numbers to "prove" it. Watch the video above to see how they tried to turn America's birthday into a national pizza party, which, to be honest, we wouldn't mind so much.

What do you think about Little Caesars' social media campaign -- funny and tongue-in-cheek, or does it miss the mark? Answer the poll below and then check out some of the most mind-blowing fast food inventions.

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H/T: Adweek