07/09/2013 03:44 pm ET Updated Jul 10, 2013

Manayunk Cleaners Uses Drone To Deliver Dry Cleaning To Customers (VIDEO)

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Picking up the dry cleaning is about to get a whole lot easier for some lucky customers.

Manayunk Cleaners in Philadelphia, Pa., plans to begin using a drone helicopter to deliver dry cleaning, according to NBC Philadelphia. Tired of the “old school” method of dry cleaning pick-up, Manayunk Cleaners owner Harry Vartanian has turned a four-bladed DJI Phantom quadracopter into a delivery machine that can bring dry cleaning directly to the customer's front door.

Drones are computer or remote-controlled devices that have long been used in the military to target enemies and capture aerial images. Due to their use in conflicts in the Middle East, they have been at the center of much controversy in recent years.

Vartanian told The Huffington Post that he will hold a lottery at the end of each month and the lucky winner will get his or her dry cleaning delivered by the drone.

“It’s not just like all of a sudden we are going to change the whole dry cleaning service," Vartanian told The Huffington Post. "It is more of a stepping stone.”

Manayunk Cleaners is not the only business to incorporate drone programs into their services to maximize efficiency. Domino's tested the idea last month as a method of delivering pizzas. But even as more and more companies begin looking into this technology, the Federal Aviation Administration is yet to completely lay out guidelines and regulations for the use of drones by businesses.

Vartanian's drone is only able to carry one to two pounds over a short distance, but he told NBC that future plans include an advanced model that can carry up to 10 pounds.



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