07/09/2013 04:48 am ET Updated Jul 09, 2013

'Mistresses': Savi Finally Gets Harry's Tear-Filled Reaction To Finding Out She Cheated (VIDEO)

For two days after finding out that Savi had cheated on him -- as seen in last week's episode of "Mistresses" -- Harry spent the night at the restaurant. When Savi tried to talk to him he was cold and distant. She came up with the idea of getting herself a new job at a different law firm, to distance herself from the baby's possible father, but Harry's reaction seemed indifferent. She wanted to get some sort of response from him, and when she confronted him at home, she finally got it.

“I just found out two days ago that you cheated on me. So I apologize that you’re offended that I don’t have all the answers, but I am still dealing with the fact that you destroyed me!" Harry said with tears in his eyes. "And more importantly, you destroyed us.”

Even her theory that he was sleeping with a beautiful young woman at the restaurant proved false. She was grasping at straws to feel better about her betrayal.

TVLine gave a shout out to the actors, Brett Tucker and Alyssa Milano, for their work in that "amazing" scene. "There are tears in Harry’s eyes, and it’s like, yes, there are serious consequences — even on a delicious summer souffle like Mistresses," they wrote. Buddy TV was touched by the moment as well, writing, "I didn't think Harry had it in him to cry, be angry and be devastated, but it's all believable, and I feel bad for him for the first time. Right now, it looks like these two might not make it."

Savi continues to fight for her marriage on "Mistresses," Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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