07/09/2013 01:31 pm ET Updated Jul 09, 2013

Roland Martin To Host TV One Morning Show

Roland Martin, whose CNN contract was not renewed earlier this year, signed on to host a morning show on cable network TV One.

According to Deadline Hollywood, TV One's morning show, "News One Now," will launch in September. The one-hour show will air on weekdays and focus on African-American news and current affairs. Martin previously hosted a program on the network, but it ended in May.

Martin served as a political analyst on CNN and regularly appeared during the network's election coverage and on its former morning show "Starting Point." He was suspended from CNN in 2012 for sending offensive tweets during the Super Bowl. When CNN's new president Jeff Zucker took over the network in 2013, he scrapped "Starting Point" and hired new talent. When Martin announced his departure, he tweeted, "New boss wants his own peeps," presumably referring to Zucker.

When Martin appeared on Huff Post Live in March, after he announced that he would be leaving CNN, he discussed some of the difficulties he said he faced during his career in television. "You have largely white male executives who are not necessarily enamored with the idea of having strong, confident minorities who say, 'I can do this,'" he said. "We deliver, but we never get the big piece, the larger salary, to be able to get from here to there."

(h/t Deadline)

CORRECTION: This post has been corrected to reflect that Martin was not fired from CNN; rather, his contract was not renewed.



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