07/09/2013 11:51 am ET

Schoolhouse Rock Parody Takes Aim At Texas' Terrible Abortion Bill (VIDEO)

As the Texas legislature prepares to vote on a new bill that would massively restrict abortion rights for women across the Lone Star State -- for the second time in a month, after it was defeated by Wendy Davis' historic filibuster -- a YouTube user made this parody of "I'm Just a Bill" from the '70s educational series "Schoolhouse Rock," with lyrics adjusted to fit the current fiasco in Texas. Here's a sample:

I'm a bad bill
I'm a really bad bill
And if they vote for me I think I'll be ill
Well, then I'm off to Rick Perry
You know he wants to sign
I'm red meat for the base
Oops! he must have lost his mind
If he signs me, then I'll be a law
How I hope and pray Wendy will
Stand up tall so I stay just a bill

This time around, though, the bill isn't so optimistic that clearer heads will prevail -- unfortunately, the bill will likely become a law, and Rick Perry is more likely to name three government agencies than to veto this thing.

(h/t Emily Ramshaw/The Daily Dot)



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