07/09/2013 12:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Willie Nelson's John Varvatos Ads Offer A Healthy Dose Of Country Cool (PHOTOS)

Male model competition is getting more star-studded (and more dreamy!) with each passing season. Last fall, we saw Brad Pitt model for Chanel ads, then David Beckham for H&M debuted in February. News broke of Robert Pattinson for Dior last month, and now we're hearing about... Willie Nelson?

John Varvatos tapped the country legend for his fall 2013 campaign, along with Nelson's strapping young sons. The menswear designer has featured musicians in his ads before (how very Saint Laurent of him), but none he's loved working with as much as Willie. Varvatos sang Nelson's praises to Women's Wear Daily:

"In all the iconic music ad campaigns we have shot over the last eight years, I have never been so moved as I was working with Willie Nelson and his sons. Willie is a true American icon, and it runs deep in the bloodline."

How's that for a superlative review? We'll add that Willie's no modeling novice -- he was featured in Gap ads back in 2006. But we think Varvatos' high fashion suits those plaits perfectly. Even Willie himself agrees: "His clothes look and feel good on your skin and are made for every man — and his sons," he said of Varvatos' designs.

Check out the forthcoming ads below, and watch the Nelson boys jam out and talk style in a behind-the-scenes video. Have we found 2013's most fashionable family?


willie nelson


willie nelson



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