07/10/2013 11:40 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Woman Gives Birth On Floor Of Hospital Waiting Room In Brazil (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

A disturbing video out of Brazil shows a woman giving birth on the floor of a hospital waiting room after being told to wait by a hospital employee.

The woman was in labor when she arrived at the hospital June 11 in the central Brazilian city of Goiana, according to a Huffington Post translation of a report by Brazilian TV news outlet Sistema Brasiliero de Television (SBT). However, a hospital worker told the woman the baby wasn't imminent, so she sat down in the hospital's reception area.

WARNING: Video above contains graphic content.

The video above shows the 34-year-old woman giving birth on a bench in the waiting room. Witnesses to the event told Rio de Janeiro-based newspaper The Globe that the child hit its head on the floor. The baby is reportedly recovering without any major problems.

"She's nursing well, with normal physical and neurological functions," the chief of the Emergency Division of the Municipal Health Secretary, Patricia Antunes told The Globe, according to a HuffPost translation of the report.

The director of the hospital's maternity ward, Sebastiao Moreira, was unconcerned in his response to the incident. "It happens. People give birth on the street, in a car, in taxis. Right?" Moreira told SBT.

The hospital is conducting an investigation into possible malpractice.

Meredith Melnick contributed to this report.

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Watch the SBT news report in the video below:


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