07/10/2013 06:09 am ET Updated Jul 10, 2013

'America's Got Talent': Captain Explosion Climbs Into A Box, Blows It Up (VIDEO)

Where were you the night that Santa Claus blew himself up? The judges and live audience of "America's Got Talent" certainly remember. They were outside the theater.

His name was Captain Explosion, and his specialty was in his name. The Captain brought the judges outside to perform his dangerous stunt, which had them nervous and skittish. He climbed inside a little box and blew it up in a loud blast of smoke and confetti.

But for all of that, was it enough to get Captain Explosion to the next round of the competition? Howard Stern said the act didn't come off as dangerous enough, while Mel B admitted to being more nervous about the noise than the act itself. Heidi Klum simply didn't like it, leaving Howie Mandel as the lone judge in the Captain's corner. Unfortunately, that's not enough.

Critics seemed to agreed with the other three judges. The Houston Chronicle thought the act just wasn't that great. Buddy TV wrote, "I can't argue with the skill with which the man climbs into the box, nor can I find any fault with the manner in which the box is exploded, but I also can't for the life of me imagine where Captain Explosion would go from here.”

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