07/10/2013 06:45 pm ET

Bulletproof Desk By Dave Hollenbach Could Function As A Bunker For Children (VIDEO)

A Marion, Ohio, man has designed what he believes is a desk uniquely suited to protect students from intruders.

Dave Hollenbach, a graphic artist, says he may have the first patent pending for a bulletproof desk that could grow with students throughout the years. The desk is adjustable by height, so that students can take it with them from kindergarten through commencement, WBNS-TV reports.

The model protects students from the ground up, and it can double as a bunker if used with bigger desks, according to the outlet. The desk can can withstand up to 30 rounds of shots from a handgun and an assault rifle and could cost up to $700.

Hollenbach is currently looking for someone to manufacture the product.

If my kids were still in school, I would buy this desk,” he told the Marion Star, adding, “I was so moved by what happened (at Sandy Hook Elementary).”

Marion police Chief Tom Bell seemed to be on board with the concept, telling the outlet, "Anything that can help protect the kids is a good idea."

Hollenbach’s invention is only one of many bulletproof products that have surfaced in the months since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary. A Minnesota school district, for example, installed bulletproof school boards in April, and a Colombian firm has started producing bulletproof clothing for children.



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